Camp Wilderness Sunrise

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Renovations have begun!

This summer, my husband and I purchased my Grandparent’s old lakefront home in my hometown of Tupper Lake, NY.

After living in CO for the last 10 years, getting married and welcoming 3 dogs and 2 kids to our family, we’ve moved back to New York to be closer to our family. We are currently living in a row home from the 1800s in a city in upstate NY, and I have to say, all summer, all I’ve wanted to do is go back home to Tupper Lake and go swimming! No matter how much we loved Colorado (and trust me…we LOVED Colorado), I missed swimming in the lakes and rivers all those years we were away.

We visited Tupper Lake for Woodsman’s Field Days in July, and our kids had a blast. We planned our next trip for the week between summer camp and school, since our kids would be out of school. I asked my mom, who has owned my Grandparent’s home since they passed away, if we could stay there. I hadn’t been in the house since I was in college. Walking around, taking in the magnificent view of the lake, my husband and I thought, “We need to buy this place.” And we did.

Last weekend we brought the kids and dogs to Tupper Lake, and began the renovation process. Upon arrival in town, we headed to the Brick Oven Cafe on the recommendation of a shop owner in downtown, and the sandwiches were amazing–fresh bread, interesting combinations, healthy, perfection! I spent the day swimming with the kids while my husband ripped up old, tattered carpets and tore down old, damaged wallpaper. Afterwards we stopped for a well-deserved beer at The Trails End. Then we grabbed pizza, wings and breadsticks for dinner for $20 at Guido’s Pizzeria under their meal deal!

Sunday morning we went to the Lumberjack and had the most amazing breakfast (as usual). It made me happy to see that my kids were starting to remember this place–they wanted to know where the Lumberjack guy was! I was back at the lake with the kids for the day, and my husband was back at the house making it lovely. We stopped at Aubuchon’s Hardware for our paint, and I was ecstatic to see they had the Pottery Barn colors I wanted! Everyone was super helpful. We headed up to Bog River Falls at the end of the day, and to my surprise, both of my children willingly swam down the falls on their dad’s lap, to the applause of many families camping at the nearby sites. We ended the night with s’mores in front of the outdoor fireplace.

Monday morning we went to the Washboard Laundromat for donuts and they were even better than I remembered! Yum! We ate our donuts on the front deck as we watched the sailboats warm up for the regatta, then headed off into the woods for a morning hike. My husband went back to work on the wallpaper removal project, and I took the kids to the Wild Center with my mom, sister and niece. It was amazing! I cannot believe how lucky the residents and visitors of Tupper Lake are to have such an amazing resource. I look forward to coming back and getting work done in the cafe (free wi-fi!), working on science experiments with the kids in the lab and hiking and snowshoeing the trails.

Our weekend was over much too quickly–I think it was the most relaxing, productive and enjoyable weekend of our entire summer. Our kids left happy (and very tired!) and our dogs left with smiles on their faces. So did my husband and I. Our next trip will be with a moving truck full of furniture!

Stay tuned…


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Note: I’ve already had several friends ask us when the house will be ready for vacation rentals. The answer is, I’m not sure. The overly ambitious side of me says this winter (just in time for $15 lift tickets at Big Tupper!), but it may be longer than that. We want to make sure it’s completely awesome first! If you’re interested in renting the house, leave a comment and I will be in touch.