Camp Wilderness Sunrise

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Swim Dock!

This summer we added a fabulous new swim dock to Camp Wilderness Sunrise! Our waterfront is shallow and sandy, which makes it a great place for kids and dogs to play. After realizing how much we hung out down there last summer after adding the docks along the shore under the deck, we thought it was time for a swim dock. Everyone needs a place to swim to!

Swim Dock 1 - Wild Center LodgingThis is no ordinary swim dock. It has two built in lounge chairs and a built in table – it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a picnic and a cold beverage, while you take in the view and try to avoid the splashing from the kids as they jump off. The weather this summer has been so amazing (and hot!). We’ve spent lots of weekends showing off Wild Walk at The Wild Center to friends, then stopping at Raquette River Brewing for some fresh beer, Well Dressed Foods for a gourmet picnic lunch and spending the rest of the day hanging out at the water. We hope you enjoy our new swim dock on your next visit!


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Kid Guest Post: Maple Week at the Wild Center

by. Amelie Cudmore, age 8

Wild Center 3 Wild Center 4

Today I went to The Wild Center with mom, dad, grandma and my brother Brayson. We have a group membership for family and friends. First, we signed in.

Wild Center 2

Then we got to do a treasure hunt because it was maple weekend. We had clues and started across from the big sphere, then went to the science lab, then the art room, then some place over by the trout. We found the golden leaf! It was really pretty. Next, I was playing with the otters. They really liked to follow my hands on the glass! Then we sat down and did an art project. We used stencils first, then did some painting.

Wild Center 1

After that, we went to make paper with a bicycle! We used it to make the pulp. We put the pulp on a screen in a picture frame, then put color on it, then let it dry. With the paper, we made a maple recipe on the printing press. We put ink on a roller on the stencil, then put our paper over it, then squished it with a big wheel. It was pretty fun. After that, we got to pet the snake! It is a rat snake. His name is “Son of Fluffy.” He is called that because his dad’s name is Fluffy. Last, we went to the gift shop and bought maple syrup candy and maple syrup.

Wild Center 5

It was an amazing day! I hope you liked this.

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Sweeping Decision Clears Way for Massive Adirondack Club & Resort

The 3rd of July was a good day to be in Tupper Lake, and not just because we were five days into vacation, with a few more days of fun and guests on the horizon.

In a sweeping decision made public that day, the appellate division of New York’s Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit aimed to block the Adirondack Club & Resort project in Tupper Lake. The Orvis-branded four season resort project, already approved by the Adirondack Park Agency after nearly a decade of review, will be located on nearly 6,400 acres behind and around Camp Wilderness Sunrise. It’s slated to include a refurbished Big Tupper Ski Area, marina, fly fishing school, golf course, Adirondack Great Camps, slopeside homes, hotel, spa, equestrian facility, nature preserve, an extensive network of hiking and biking trails, an artist colony and more.

After the decision was announced my Facebook newsfeed blew up with excitement from local (and no longer local) friends and signs were erected around town declaring victory. My mother, daughter and I stopped in Sun Creations gift shop to buy some new accessories for the Camp, then attended a Zumba class at The Studio, a new fitness center and personal training facility located in downtown Tupper Lake. Afterwards we met my husband and niece for lunch in downtown, before stopping by the new location for Well Dressed Food, which is under construction. Local painters were on scaffolding reworking the building’s facade, while local flooring contractors refinished the floors inside. The new, much larger store, will include artisan sandwiches and salads, desserts from Cake Placid, an espresso bar, prepared foods for eating in or taking out, as well as their current selection of gourmet food and ingredients.

The progress and excitement all around us was a very exciting way to begin a long holiday weekend. We hope to see more of the same at this weekend’s Woodsmen Field Days, which we’ve heard have added ESPN-style lumberjack competitions to the traditional events, with the addition of the Stihl Timberworks Show. Log rolling and greased pole? Yes, please.


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Raquette River Brewing – Local ADK Beer in Tupper Lake!

Adirondack microbrewery

If you enjoy microbrews, make sure to plan a trip to Raquette River Brewing on your next trip to Tupper Lake. The small brewery, located at 11 Balsam Street (right across the street from LeRoy’s Auto in the junction), boasts four different brews for sale by the growler. We keep a couple empty growlers in the dining room that you’re welcome to borrow during your stay at Camp Wilderness Sunrise.

Their Blonde Ale is our favorite, but it often sells out quick, so we’ll grab the Pale Ale when that’s the case. I’m not personally an IPA fan, but friends of ours are, and they really enjoyed that one on their last visit to the Camp. The Red Ale has a unique smokiness to it–it tastes a little like a campfire. I want to try it out with some S’mores. We used to stop at Stewart’s on the way to the Camp to buy our beer, but since Raquette River Brewing opened, we’ve been stopping there instead. The owners are great, super friendly and happy to give you a tour, and they have free dog treats made from the spent grain. The beer is also fantastic (and I fancy myself a beer snob).

A second brewery–Big Tupper Brewing–is in the process of renovating a property in downtown Tupper Lake that they will turn into a brew pub. The plan is to add outdoor seating to the property and brew their beer on site. Their first beer, an IPA called “eh” has the catchy slogan “Say it like a Frenchman. Drink it like an Adirondacker.” Looks like it’ll be an exciting summer in Tupper Lake!

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What’s the best place in Tupper Lake for ice cream?

Skyline Ice Cream Tupper Lake NY

Whenever we’re in Tupper Lake, we liked to get ice cream at Skyline Ice Cream on Route 30/Moody Rd. They have the stuff we like (vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles for me, peanut butter sundaes for my husband), and the gross stuff our kids like (sour apple flavor burst soft serve, anyone?). They also have Broaster Chicken, which makes a great, easy dinner. It’s really good fried chicken, if you’ve never had it. When I don’t feel like cooking and cleaning, we get the meal deal (includes fries and a deli salad) and eat it at Skyline under the tent (out of the sun!). The kids can spend a good half hour getting silly pictures taken in the giant Adirondack chair (see image above). When I do feel like cooking we pretend we’re Hollywood celebrities on our way home from a fancy awards ceremony and make chicken and waffles for dinner. Homemade waffles in the Camp’s waffle iron, plus local Tupper Tappers maple syrup from The Wild Center? Heaven! Not healthy! Super delicious!