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Tupper Lake Named “Under the Radar Ski Destination” in Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently profiled Tupper Lake, calling it an “under the radar ski destination” popular with outdoorsy types. The article suggests Tupper Lake as an alternative to Lake Placid, calling it “less famous (and less busy).” They profile real estate in the area and the volunteer effort at Big Tupper Ski Area. Check out the full article, here:


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Swim Dock!

This summer we added a fabulous new swim dock to Camp Wilderness Sunrise! Our waterfront is shallow and sandy, which makes it a great place for kids and dogs to play. After realizing how much we hung out down there last summer after adding the docks along the shore under the deck, we thought it was time for a swim dock. Everyone needs a place to swim to!

Swim Dock 1 - Wild Center LodgingThis is no ordinary swim dock. It has two built in lounge chairs and a built in table – it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a picnic and a cold beverage, while you take in the view and try to avoid the splashing from the kids as they jump off. The weather this summer has been so amazing (and hot!). We’ve spent lots of weekends showing off Wild Walk at The Wild Center to friends, then stopping at Raquette River Brewing for some fresh beer, Well Dressed Foods for a gourmet picnic lunch and spending the rest of the day hanging out at the water. We hope you enjoy our new swim dock on your next visit!

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Fall in the Adirondacks

Fall leaves Adirondacks hiking

We were recently in Tupper Lake for Oktupperfest at Big Tupper Ski Area and the leaves were at their absolute peak. It was so beautiful! In addition to archery lessons for the kids (with targets ranging from zombies to moose), live music, a pumpkin slingshot competition (that my husband won!) and a watermelon eating contest (that my son did not win, which resulted in many, many tears), there were helicopter rides over the Tupper Lake Golf Club and out towards Big Tupper Lake, then back up and down the mountain. It was wonderful to see the parking area at Big Tupper completely packed and friends all over the mountain, enjoying the beautiful day with their families. The Golf Club was also completely packed and we had to wait in line for dinner at Little Italy that night, then again the next morning at the Lumberjack. Clearly we weren’t the only ones enjoying a perfect Adirondack fall weekend. A friend made this video of his ride so you can see the beauty for yourself. Enjoy!

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2014 Tupperpalooza Warrior Run at Big Tupper

This past weekend my husband and I were first-time participants in the Warrior Run at Big Tupper in Tupper Lake, NY, along with some friends from high school. The Warrior Run is in its third year and this year added a music festival to the day-long event.

We’d both participated in the Warrior Dash at Wyndham Mountain in the past and having grown up in Tupper Lake I was a little “been there, done that” “I know that mountain like the back of my hand” cocky about the whole thing. Well. The Warrior Run kicked my butt in a way the Warrior Dash did not (and the Warrior Dash was extremely difficult!).

Warrior Run 2

The folks that put on the Warrior Run are all volunteers, supported by the Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce. They have basically no budget. What they do have is creativity and access to other like-minded residents and businesses willing to donate time, materials and equipment to make this thing happen. Unlike the more “overproduced” obstacles at the Warrior Dash (which could be kinda lame at times), these obstacles were scrappy, no joke, and at times, downright brutal.

Warrior Run 3

Tires from logging trucks to climb over and through, scaffolding to climb over old ski lifts, buried drainage pipes (with water and mud running through them!), hitting moving (human!) targets with paintball guns, mazes through the woods, painful ascents up double black diamond trails and rope pulls up rock cliffs–this course featured them all, and then some. A 5K mud run can feel exceptionally long anyway, but when you’re running up and down and up and down and across and up and down an extremely steep mountain the entire time, it’s even longer.

Warrior Run 4

We kept joking about the wave of emotions–Excited! Exhausted. Giddy! Angry. I had a serious case of potty mouth every time we had to go back up hill (again) or when the next obstacle just looked impossible (again). We were so muddy. The fire department hosed down the course and obstacles, the local excavators dug mud ponds, there are natural springs and ponds on the mountain–we went through them all during the course. And it was fun. So, so, SO much fun!

Warrior Run 5

We met people from out of town–other adventure seekers who love the Adirondacks, who just stumbled upon this event while googling “mud run” and “adventure race.” They can’t wait to come back and ski Big Tupper now that they’re intimately familiar with it’s varied and steep terrain. The views throughout the course were breathtaking, and again, I’ve lived there most of my life. The view of the lakes and the mountains in the summer is so different than the view I’m used to up there in the winter. At the end of the race, we were hosed off and jumped in the old snowmaking pond to clean up. It felt like a trip to the spa. We stuck around for Saranac beer, BBQ and some great bands. It was really a perfect weekend and we can’t wait to do it again. See for yourself – I shot the footage below of the race using my GoPro.

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Tupper Lake

This was the view this past weekend as my husband and I listed to 90s hip hop and re-purposed some old docks for a new life at Camp Wilderness Sunrise. So pretty! You’d think I’d be over the view by now. I am not.

The weather was perfect and the sunburn on my back will tell you I didn’t apply sunscreen as liberally as I should have, but it was a great weekend to get a water project done. The water is already warm-it was approximately 59 degrees this weekend, according to this fishing website–so standing in it all weekend wasn’t really a big deal.

We’ve always had a staircase and deck built into the hillside at the water, but we’ve been wanting to make more seating down there so it was easier to get the kayaks and canoe into the water and play with the kids. The water in front of the camp is very shallow with a sandy bottom, so it’s a great place for the kids to splash around and play. There is also a resident sunfish, which makes “fishing” with  kids all the more exciting.

Dock Tupper Lake

We installed a new boat ramp, as well as two lower docks in the water. You can sit on the edge of the lower docks and dangle your feet in the water, or sit up above in the Adirondack chairs and observe away from the splashing. We had a picnic here with 3 adults, 3 kids and a lot of tools, sand and water toys this past weekend and there was plenty of room for everyone. You can bring the folding chairs in the laundry room closet (usually used for campfires) down to the docks if you need additional seating.

Dock Tupper Lake Vacation Rental

We added new dock cleats to the front of the docks, as well as some rope, so you can tie up the canoe or kayaks while you’re loading them up, or taking a break to enjoy the sun on land.

Adironack Vacation Rental Kids Docks

We also added some hooks to the deck post to keep towels dry, sand free and out of the way, and some baskets of sand and water toys. We have more sand and water toys in a large bin in the Camp basement, along with kickboards, goggles, boogie boards, noodles, a cooler for picnics, etc. There’s a wagon in the basement as well, which makes it easier to haul stuff to the water.

Dock 2

Happy Summer!


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Moon Cottage-Ready for Rental Summer 2014!

After a long spring, summer and fall of renovations–plus some fun weekends where our friends and family tested it out–I am happy to report that Moon Cottage is available for rental in Summer 2014!

Moon Cottage--Our Tupper Lake Vacation Rental Guest House

Moon Cottage–Our Tupper Lake Vacation Rental Guest House

Moon Cottage will be an add-on, Summer-only seasonal rental to our main property, Camp Wilderness Sunrise. It’s the perfect place for extended family, another family you like to vacation with, friends or teenagers.

More info on Moon Cottage, here, and rental rate information will be posted here. Please note your desire to book Moon Cottage at the time of booking.

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Introducing Moon Cottage-Camp Wilderness Sunrise’s Guest House

We are very excited to announce Moon Cottage, the guest house of Camp Wilderness Sunrise. Moon Cottage is located behind Camp Wilderness Sunrise and, beginning Summer 2014, will be available as an add-on rental to the Camp.

Moon Cottage Living Room

Moon Cottage Living Room

Moon Cottage is perfect for extended family members, a second family, or the older kids in the family. We finished the interior renovations–a complete gut renovation–this spring and summer, and are currently testing it out on family and friends to make sure everything is perfect before we open rentals to others.

Moon Cottage Kitchen

Moon Cottage Kitchen

Moon Cottage has a front porch, eat in kitchen, bathroom and living area that extends to a bedroom area with a queen bed. Exterior renovations will be complete in fall 2013. We refer to Moon Cottage as “glamping”it doesn’t have running water or a traditional toilet–but it does have a mini fridge and microwave for late night movie snacks, a TV and DVD player, water jugs for drinking and teeth brushing, a Keurig for early morning coffee, and a fully-sealed porta-potty in the bathroom for late night use. It’s like camping, only better.

Moon Cottage Bathroom

Moon Cottage Bathroom

The idea with Moon Cottage is you’ll spend 90% of your time with your family and friends at Camp Wilderness Sunrise–but when it’s time for sleep, or when the kids need a nap, or if you just need a break from all the “togetherness” and your own space for awhile, it’s a refuge. You can relax and read a magazine while listening to some music, the kids can color or read, etc.

Moon Cottage Kid Zone

Moon Cottage Kid Zone

Moon Cottage has heat, but is not insulated and is thus a seasonal rental only. It will be available Memorial Day to Labor Day, for an extra rental fee, in addition to regular Camp Wilderness Sunrise rental fees (see our “Rates” page for current fees). If you’re interested in renting Moon Cottage, please let us know at the time of booking. The only thing better than a vacation home in the Adirondacks is a vacation home in the Adirondacks with its own guest house. We hope you’ll enjoy Moon Cottage as much as our family and friends do!

Moon Cottage Bedroom

Moon Cottage Bedroom