Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Raquette River Brewing – Local ADK Beer in Tupper Lake!

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Adirondack microbrewery

If you enjoy microbrews, make sure to plan a trip to Raquette River Brewing on your next trip to Tupper Lake. The small brewery, located at 11 Balsam Street (right across the street from LeRoy’s Auto in the junction), boasts four different brews for sale by the growler. We keep a couple empty growlers in the dining room that you’re welcome to borrow during your stay at Camp Wilderness Sunrise.

Their Blonde Ale is our favorite, but it often sells out quick, so we’ll grab the Pale Ale when that’s the case. I’m not personally an IPA fan, but friends of ours are, and they really enjoyed that one on their last visit to the Camp. The Red Ale has a unique smokiness to it–it tastes a little like a campfire. I want to try it out with some S’mores. We used to stop at Stewart’s on the way to the Camp to buy our beer, but since Raquette River Brewing opened, we’ve been stopping there instead. The owners are great, super friendly and happy to give you a tour, and they have free dog treats made from the spent grain. The beer is also fantastic (and I fancy myself a beer snob).

A second brewery–Big Tupper Brewing–is in the process of renovating a property in downtown Tupper Lake that they will turn into a brew pub. The plan is to add outdoor seating to the property and brew their beer on site. Their first beer, an IPA called “eh” has the catchy slogan “Say it like a Frenchman. Drink it like an Adirondacker.” Looks like it’ll be an exciting summer in Tupper Lake!


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