Camp Wilderness Sunrise

What’s the best place in Tupper Lake for ice cream?

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Skyline Ice Cream Tupper Lake NY

Whenever we’re in Tupper Lake, we liked to get ice cream at Skyline Ice Cream on Route 30/Moody Rd. They have the stuff we like (vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles for me, peanut butter sundaes for my husband), and the gross stuff our kids like (sour apple flavor burst soft serve, anyone?). They also have Broaster Chicken, which makes a great, easy dinner. It’s really good fried chicken, if you’ve never had it. When I don’t feel like cooking and cleaning, we get the meal deal (includes fries and a deli salad) and eat it at Skyline under the tent (out of the sun!). The kids can spend a good half hour getting silly pictures taken in the giant Adirondack chair (see image above). When I do feel like cooking we pretend we’re Hollywood celebrities on our way home from a fancy awards ceremony and make chicken and waffles for dinner. Homemade waffles in the Camp’s waffle iron, plus local Tupper Tappers maple syrup from The Wild Center? Heaven! Not healthy! Super delicious!




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