Camp Wilderness Sunrise


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Tupper Lake

This was the view this past weekend as my husband and I listed to 90s hip hop and re-purposed some old docks for a new life at Camp Wilderness Sunrise. So pretty! You’d think I’d be over the view by now. I am not.

The weather was perfect and the sunburn on my back will tell you I didn’t apply sunscreen as liberally as I should have, but it was a great weekend to get a water project done. The water is already warm-it was approximately 59 degrees this weekend, according to this fishing website–so standing in it all weekend wasn’t really a big deal.

We’ve always had a staircase and deck built into the hillside at the water, but we’ve been wanting to make more seating down there so it was easier to get the kayaks and canoe into the water and play with the kids. The water in front of the camp is very shallow with a sandy bottom, so it’s a great place for the kids to splash around and play. There is also a resident sunfish, which makes “fishing” with  kids all the more exciting.

Dock Tupper Lake

We installed a new boat ramp, as well as two lower docks in the water. You can sit on the edge of the lower docks and dangle your feet in the water, or sit up above in the Adirondack chairs and observe away from the splashing. We had a picnic here with 3 adults, 3 kids and a lot of tools, sand and water toys this past weekend and there was plenty of room for everyone. You can bring the folding chairs in the laundry room closet (usually used for campfires) down to the docks if you need additional seating.

Dock Tupper Lake Vacation Rental

We added new dock cleats to the front of the docks, as well as some rope, so you can tie up the canoe or kayaks while you’re loading them up, or taking a break to enjoy the sun on land.

Adironack Vacation Rental Kids Docks

We also added some hooks to the deck post to keep towels dry, sand free and out of the way, and some baskets of sand and water toys. We have more sand and water toys in a large bin in the Camp basement, along with kickboards, goggles, boogie boards, noodles, a cooler for picnics, etc. There’s a wagon in the basement as well, which makes it easier to haul stuff to the water.

Dock 2

Happy Summer!



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