Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Perfect Camp Meals (from Pinterest)

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I’ve mentioned that I keep Pinterest boards for Camp Wilderness Sunrise and Moon Cottage–they help me to organize ideas and plan out renovations and decor projects. The other thing I like to use Pinterest for is to find more perfect recipes to make at Camp–things that are easy, use simple ingredients (in quantities that don’t require tons of stuff being brought back home or left behind) and make great leftovers (for lunches or dinners later in the visit). Here’s a round-up of some that have worked out the best (links to Pinterest post for repinning, but just click the image for the original site if you’re not on Pinterest):

Cheesy Hamburger Casserole-family pleaser, even better the next day

Mississippi Pot Roast-great crock pot option (yes, we have a crockpot for your use at the Camp!)

Award-Winning Chili-another great crock pot option and the leftovers are perfect for chili dogs

Cinnamon Roll Waffles-couldn’t be easier (just the tube cinnamon rolls) or more deliciously decadent! Yes, we have a waffle iron for your use at the Camp.

Bloomin’ Onion Bread-go run around outside to justify the calories

Roasted Broccoli-you will never make broccoli any other way again

Pretzel Rolo Pecan “Cookies”-super easy and you can make as few as you need (bring the ingredients in a ziplock then assemble on a baking sheet the amount you want to make each evening)


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