Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Camp Kid Games: Charades & Mad Libs

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We’ve declared Saturday nights “Family Game Night” and although we keep kid games at the Camp (Chutes and Ladders, etc.) I was hoping to play something I’d enjoy a bit more this past weekend. Enter, charades. We divided into teams–my husband (who isn’t what you’d call creative) and daughter (who is 6 and veeeerrrrry dramatic) on one team, myself (veeeeerrrrry dramatic and loves an audience) and my son (who is 4 and quiet, reserved). That seemed like even teams to me. Each team got 10 pieces of paper and went to a quiet room. Each team wrote 5 things for the other adult to act out that the kid could guess (and vice versa). My son picked all of ours and he did a really great job–he chose books and movies. My husband….well…he hasn’t played charades much. He let our daughter choose things like “Justin Bieber” for me to act out for our son (shockingly, he didn’t get it). We’ll do better next time, but it was super fun. Lots of laughs all around. It was also really easy to set up.

Mad Libs are our go to “driving home from the Camp” car game. We usually try to exhaust the kids with some outdoor physical activity and a nice big lunch before we leave, which results in a pretty good car nap on the way home. They inevitably end up with our phones to play games for a bit once they wake up, but I like to have something educational on hand. Mad Libs are sold at every rest stop convenience store (with the magazines, usually) and they’re cheap. My kids are too young to do them on their own, so I am the designated recorder and I break up the word types into batches (i.e., “I need 4 nouns!” “What’s a noun again?” “Person, place or thing!” and on and on). My husband is always good for a few silly kid words and the stories are hilarious.

Update! We spent a very rainy Memorial Day Weekend cooped up and had to get creative. We found kid’s cards to play Old Maid, Go Fish and War, all of which were a big hit. The kids are now playing War on their own when they’re bored, which is a bonus. We also played (adult) Scrabble in teams and it was a really good game for my almost 7 year old who is learning to read and spell. My 5 year old son helped me find letters. We’ll keep our eyes out for more good family games and bring them up this summer.


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