Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks

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Adirondack snowshoeingWe were looking for a fun winter activity to do this weekend, so we checked out Tupper Lake’s groomed cross country ski and snowshoe trails, which originate at the Tupper Lake Country Club, right behind the Camp. The trails are cut, maintained and groomed by volunteers and are FREE to use! You can “like” their Facebook page to receive conditions updates.

One of the many volunteers grooming the trails

One of the many volunteers grooming the trails

The trails are dog-friendly and feature two groomed cross country tracks, plus groomed and powder tracks along the side for skiing or snowshoeing.

Delilah isn't engineered for the snow, but she loves it.

Delilah isn’t engineered for the snow, but she loves it.

The trails are nice and wide, which was helpful because our small dog Delilah is like a heat seeking missile for the cross-country tracks–path of least resistance, you know. We were able to keep her in the powder where she belongs. The loops vary in difficulty and were designed to be linked together. We took the Golf Course Loop, which is 1.4 miles long and is the easiest loop. It’s the beginning route for all the others. The trail lends itself not just to dogs, but to pulling kids in a sled. We have a giant wooden toboggan and will have the dogs pull the kids in that next time–these trails are wide enough to allow that.

dog friendly cross country trails adirondacksJust off the Golf Course Loop is the Cranberry Pond Loop, which is 1.8 miles and classified as “easiest.” We’ll be tackling this trail by headlamp one of these nights–the volunteers periodically have bonfires at the end of this trail on full moons and other clear nights. From Cranberry Pond Loop you can access an intermediate trail, Little Logger Loop at 1.5 miles, then Big Tupper Trail which is an advanced .6 mile trail. The entire trail map can be accessed here, or at the check in area at the Pro Shop or on our fridge at the camp :).

One of our favorite places to visit while living in Colorado was Devil’s Thumb Ranch–we’d rent a cabin with friends, snowshoe all day with the dogs, ice skate on the pond then have a fabulous dinner in front of the fireplace. We’re feeling very lucky that we now have all this right in our backyard at Camp Wilderness Sunrise.

Dog-friendly snowshoeing and cross country skiing Adirondacks Tupper Lake


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