Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Renovations Update

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We’ve just finished up a couple month’s worth of renovations projects at Camp Wilderness Sunrise and we’d like to share the progress! We’ve upgraded the energy-efficiency of our vacation rental to make it cozier and help preserve our natural resources. The biggest upgrade was the replacement of the old, original 50 year old uninsulated wood garage door, with a brand new, super-insulated garage door! Yes, I’m that excited about a garage door. We also replaced the basement entry door with a more energy-efficient model. Some of the less-thrilling, but still noteworthy, energy-efficiency projects include insulated water pipes, a hot water heater blanket, window film on our basement windows, a new exhaust fan in the kitchen and (on our next visit) new programmable thermostats.

All that time working on projects in the basement got me thinking about ways to enhance the basement entry/mud room, when I had an epiphany in the middle of Aubuchon’s: Behold, the kid’s indoor sport court!

Astroturf and white duct tape, baby. It’s a perfect way to spend a rainy day. We have goals for soccer games, a t-ball set, raquettes and more! There’s even seating for spectators. I’ll be painting a chalkboard scoreboard and a faux net for wall tennis soon, then hanging the “Live,” “Work” and “Play” signs we used in the Woodsman’s Field Day parade on the wall. We’re also adding various hooks and racks to make hanging wet or muddy clothing and gear a breeze after various outdoor pursuits.

The other major renovation news is that we’ve begun the transformation of the small cottage behind the Camp–next summer it will be introduced as Moon Cottage. The name was inspired by an elderly gentleman who visited this summer and told us about how he and his wife spent their honeymoon in that cottage when my grandparent’s first bought the Camp in the 1950s. We’ve gutted the inside, begun scraping old paint off the outside and completely replaced the roof. Remind us to never replace another roof! That was a huge job for such a small surface. We haven’t decided yet whether Moon Cottage will be a standalone rental, or whether it will serve as a “bunk house” add on to the main Camp. All we know is that we really like to visit the Camp with friends and their families, so it’ll be nice to have more room to spread out. We hope you’ll agree! Stay tuned for more photos, the one below is early in the roofing project.

Come visit us soon,



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