Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Hiking & Paddling with the Tupper Lake Irregulars

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The Tupper Lake Save-A-Lot parking area is the place to be on a summer morning–at least on Mondays and Thursdays. That’s where you can join up with the Irregulars, a merry band of hiking and paddling veterans bound for the Adirondack Park’s nooks and crannies…read more

Not-So-Regular Outings:

1. Bog River Flow, from Lows Lower Dam to the Upper Dam, St. Lawrence County. Combo of hiking and paddling, chance to view loons and bald eagles.

2. Lake Lila, William C. Whitney Wilderness Area. Remote hiking and paddling.

3. Hopkins Mountain, Town of Keene. Beautiful view from the top.

4. Big Slide Mountain from the Brothers High Peaks Wilderness Area. Fabulous views and interesting, varied terrain.

5. Trail to Raquette Falls, off Coreys Road. Very pleasant hike with the reward of a the falls in any season for lunch.


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