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FAQ: Where Can I Grocery Shop in Tupper Lake?

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Tupper Lake is a small town and potential renters often wonder if there are places to get groceries in town, or if they should plan to grocery shop in advance. I always try to do as much shopping as possible in Tupper Lake to help the local economy, so I suggest shopping once you arrive. Here’s where we go and what we buy there:

Stewart’s Shops: We are usually arriving late at night, so we always stop here right as we get into town so we have food for the morning. It’s a good place to grab milk, eggs, juice, english muffins, coffee, etc. and they have the best ice cream!

Washboard Laundromat: What, you don’t grocery shop at the laundromat?! I realize it sounds weird, but this place on Park Street in Tupper Lake has phenomenal homemade donuts with homemade frostings (including flavors like local maple cream). They’re delicious. Stop here early in the AM for a dozen fresh, hot donuts, frosted to your specifications. The owners are our neighbors at the Camp–they live in the house on the other side of Pine Terrace Motel and are long-time family friends (babysitting their dog and ferret when they were on vacation was my very first job as a kid!).

Shaheen’s Market: This is a surprisingly well-stocked IGA market, with an excellent meat selection (including fun things to grill like homemade hot dogs and sausages). If you go in the morning, they’re usually still butchering everything fresh. The deli meats and salads are excellent as well, and they have a good microbrew & imported beer selection (except they tend to only have 6 packs). The family that owns it is from the Middle East, so they have lots of good Middle Eastern ingredients you wouldn’t expect in a small-town grocery store. The staff is very, very helpful and they refuse to let you carry your own groceries out to the car, even in the winter (they have this special cart). My now city-living brain has a hard time with all this niceness, but I’ve learned to let go and enjoy it as I get the kids in their carseats and they pack my car with groceries! This is my main place to grocery shop in town.

The Marketplace or The Wild Center Farmer’s Market: Both options are great for farm-fresh produce, but the Farmer’s Market is only open once per week (Thursdays), so The Marketplace is the more reliable option.

The Well-Dressed Food Company: We just discovered this place! It’s right on Main Street and has all sorts of gourmet ingredients–think truffle oil, sauces, fancy salsas and anchovy paste. This is our new place for appetizers!

Sunflour Bakery: Fabulous bakery, that was recently relocated to across the street from the Post Office. Delicious donuts, cupcakes, breads, etc.

Rite-Aid: Best selection of 12-packs of beer in town.

Ray’s Liquor Store: Best wine and spirits selection in town.



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