Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Renovations Update

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I spent the long Memorial Day weekend–wait for it–pressure washing the house and decks at Camp Wilderness Sunrise. Try not to be too jealous. My husband spent the weekend installing the trim he’s been staining and polyurethaning and sanding all winter, and he also installed the new floor in the laundry room. Oh! He also grouted. He was busy. The trim looks beautiful–I actually gasped when I saw it. Yes, I’m that cheesy about home design.

This coming weekend is our last weekend of renovations before our first vacation renters arrive. We’ll be wrapping up the trim project and, if the weather holds, painting the decks and concrete aprons in the driveway. As you may know, the Adirondacks faced some pretty intense flooding this Spring, and Tupper Lake was hit particularly hard. Luckily, since the Camp is across the street from our waterfront, our house was fine. The nonstop rain did put much of our exterior renovations on hold, however. Roads were closed into Tupper so we couldn’t even get there, let alone try something silly like painting in a monsoon. We are hoping to get some exterior renovations underway this Summer, but no promises as to how much will be complete, or when. At this point, we’re focusing on finishing up the main floor inside (basement renovations were also put on hold due to the crazy Spring storms), and setting up the stuff to make the outside fun. We will then enjoy the Camp ourselves before we launch back into renovations.

I’ll post more pictures after this weekend of all the progress. Please check out our listing on We’re VR7186 and the Summer dates are filling up very quickly!



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