Camp Wilderness Sunrise

FAQ: How busy is the road Camp Wilderness Sunrise is on?

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Camp Wilderness Sunrise is located on State Route 30, also known as Moody Road. It’s a main road artery into Tupper Lake, and at certain times of the day (morning, dinnertime), there is a fair amount of traffic. Mainly log trucks, mind you–this is the Adirondacks after all. The Camp is set a fair bit back from the road, and up on a small hill–the front yard is fairly large, and there is a good sized front deck. I have two young children and two dogs, and we definitely hang out there without much concern. I do stay outside with them, obviously.

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The back yard, on the other hand, is huge, private and wooded. This is where we hang out in the evenings, for example, because it is also where our outdoor fireplace is. Now that the snow is gone, I will take more photos, but for now, here’s some from about a month ago of my kids roasting s’mores and dancing as the sun sets. The small cabin you see in the background is part of Pine Terrace Motel, which is right next door.

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Our waterfront access is across the street from the Camp, but it is set below the road–a full length staircase below the road. You can hear the cars, but you can’t really see them (and they can’t really see you).



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