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Big Tupper & Winter Carnival


Family skiing at Big Tupper Ski Resort

The kids made it down Big Tupper!

I learned to ski at Big Tupper, and this weekend, I had the privilege of teaching my kids to ski there. Driving into the parking lot brought back a wealth of emotions–skiing with my dad, racing with my sister, my husband proposing to me…The parking lot was packed. PACKED. It was crazy. We weren’t planning to teach my son on this trip (he’s only 2.5), so we brought a sled and he was going to hang out with my mom and take pictures, but the minute he saw the mountain he said, “Where are my boots? I need to ski.” He didn’t have boots or skis, so we had to buy him some ($45 for everything! Used rentals! Whoop!). My husband and I bought our $15 full day lift tickets–the kids ski for free, as do seniors and active duty military–and headed over to the Mighty Mite. After a few runs, the kids wanted to take Chair 2 to the top! We did and they did great.

NY family ski vacation rental

Affordable ski vacation with kids? It's not an oxymoron.

After 10 years of living in Colorado and having season passes to Vail, Aspen & Copper Mountain, I fully expected to come back home and find Big Tupper rinky dink. I was surprised–it’s still a really great mountain! I actually enjoyed it more than some mountains in CO (I’m talking to you, Winter Park). The terrain is varied and it’s steep. I love a steep mountain. It reminds me of a smaller Keystone–it has that same mixed type of terrain. The intermediate trails are actually sorta challenging, unlike many small mountains. You can ski trees. There’s moguls. On a good day you can even take Chair 3 to the tip top of the mountain, hike a bit further and ski fresh powder! Since the mountain is only open Friday through Sunday right now (more during holidays), it’s not skied off by the weekends like many mountains. Snow storm on Wednesday? Fresh pow on Friday.

child-friendly ski house rental

Proud dad, happy son.

We had lunch in the lodge and my mom hung out with the kids so my husband and I could take a couple of runs alone. When we came down under Chair 1 the kids were in the windows of the lodge clapping and cheering. It was very cute. We were all exhausted, so we headed back to the camp, and although it’s only a mile away, Amelie fell asleep in the car. If I would have known skiing would have made her so tired, I would have taken her sooner :).

dog friendly adirondack vacation rental

Happy dogs.

My husband I decided a hot tub on the front deck would be a pretty great addition to the Camp…hmmm…maybe once the renovations are done. I headed to Shaheen’s market to grab some stuff for or Valentine’s Day dinner (the market is VERY well stocked…Have I mentioned that? They have tahini paste and gruyere. I’m just saying…) and saw an eagle a few houses down the street!!! I have never seen one before in the wild. I couldn’t believe it. It was the size of Delilah (our small dog). We also saw an otter in the front yard around Christmas–I don’t think I shared that little tidbit yet. My kids are obsessed with otters because of the Wild Center, so it was a pretty big day at Camp to see one on the front deck!

Saranac Lake vacation rental

Saranac Lake's Winter Carnival Ice Castle

Sunday we headed to Saranac Lake for Winter Carnival. I hadn’t been to the ice castle in years and it did not disappoint! Amazing. There was a maze and tunnels and the carvings were unbelievable. Definitely something we’ll visit again next year.

Ice palace vacation rental

"Dad, can we sleep here tonight?"

Tupper Lake vacation rental

Winter Carnival 2011

Happy Winter,



2 thoughts on “Big Tupper & Winter Carnival

  1. What a wonderful experience for all of you – and amazing that such a little tyke could ski. I love the ice castle – what fun that would be to explore. It sounds like there are many years of memories to be made there for you all.

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