Camp Wilderness Sunrise


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Kid-friendly Adirondack vacation rental

Snowball fight!

This weekend, it snowed. It was magical. I’m not sure about you, but in my head, the day after Thanksgiving is the official start to the holiday season. Saturday I planned to support local Tupper Lake businesses for “Shop Local Saturday” while my husband finished up the installation of the new hardwood floors at Camp Wilderness Sunrise–our Adirondack vacation rental. It was a full on blizzard outside, but luckily downtown is just a few miles away. I bundled up the kids, grabbed my camera and we were off! I usually avoid shopping with my young children like the plague, but sometimes the desire to get the renovations done on time leads me to do silly things.

Shop Local Saturday at Holiday Adirondack Vacation Rental

Winter Wonderland


I didn’t need to worry. Everyone we ran into was so happy to see the kids out and about, throwing snowballs at one another every time we went outside. They were given cookies and candy canes and pretty business cards for their pockets. They were in heaven. I found two beautiful handmade mugs for morning coffee–one with a loon, and another with a snapping turtle. My husband’s family’s Camp is opposite a loon preserve, and my dad once got in a freak mountain bike accident over a snapping turtle, so they seemed perfect. There’s something about handmade mugs that makes coffee taste better! And I was thrilled to see that they were about half the price of similar mugs we’d bought in Colorado. I also bought the kids matching “Mitey Mite” shirts to support Big Tupper ski area–that’s the name of the kid’s rope tow at the mountain. I learned to ski on that rope tow, and so will my kids, they needed the shirts! And on a purely shallow level, the shirts are really cool (waffle textured!).

Adirondack Ski House Big Tupper

Ski Big Tupper!

Throughout our journey through the shops in Downtown Tupper Lake, we repeatedly ran into people I knew from growing up–I’ve lived far away for so long I can never tell if anyone remembers me, so I usually just smile, but inside I’m all “HEY! We know each other!” I’ll eventually work up the nerve to say that and introduce myself like a real live grown up. One of the coolest parts of our day was when we saw Mrs. Claus sitting in a rocking chair in the window of Sun Creations–and it was the same lady who was Mrs. Claus when I was a kid! I seriously freaked out. So did the kids, but for a completely different reason (MRS. CLAUS!). She was so sweet, she picked them up and put them on her lap and just sat there and rocked them while I looked around.

Holiday vacation ideas with kids Adirondack mountains new york

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

After we were done shopping, we headed over to the Swiss Kitchen for some hot chocolate. I ran into an old friend from high school, and he was so nice to the kids. The hot chocolate was also awesome. My Grandpa used to sit there and drink coffee and talk with his buddies every day–I hadn’t been in there in ages. It’s our new hot chocolate spot for sure. The kids were patient all day, waiting to have lunch with Santa at the K of C. We tried to last until 1pm without any major meltdowns, really we did. We even made it into the K of C for our (free!) lunch. But we had to leave before Santa arrived because the kids were exhausted. We made a quick stop at a snowbank on the way to the car and they had a blast crawling around in it–the snowbank was right outside the house my mom grew up in, so that was pretty cool. We went home for naps–and I sat in my Grandma’s old rocking chair and read my Kindle while drinking some coffee out of my new mug. Then I painted the fireplace. Still working, after all.

Relaxing Adirondack Vacations

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving,


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