Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Floors & Paint & Decorating, Oh My!

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We spent our first long weekend in Tupper Lake since we bought Camp Wilderness Sunrise! My daughter didn’t have school on Friday, and my husband had to work at a convention in Lake George Thursday night, so it all worked out for a long weekend.

Our brand new hardwood floors had been delivered since our last visit, so we had lots of work to do. We had a local contractor come in to check out the heating system and make some minor repairs. And we realized the front door was in bad shape, so my husband made an early trip to Tupper Lake Supply to get a new one. When gutting our house in Colorado, I became obsessed with egg shaped door knobs for the main entry–I don’t know why, but I love them. Anyway, we were able to find egg shaped door knobs here, so the Camp has one too! It’s our signature. The new door looks great.

Bryan set the tile in the entry–it’s a beautiful slate with a slate mosaic in the middle. The colors pick up the natural blues, greens and browns out the window, and complement the green walls. My husband always claims to not care about design decisions–and makes fun of me because I love those decisions so much–but he suggested we use 2 different tones of hardwood flooring–75% in a darker hue that best hides our big dog’s fur and 25% in a lighter hue that best hides our little dog’s fur. Nobody–including our contractor friend–understood why he would do such a thing, but he was right. The floors look awesome. We’d put cherry floors in our house in Colorado and both of us loved those random pieces of wood that were lighter than the rest–it provided nice interest. The floors in the Camp take that concept in the best possible direction.

I spent the long weekend finishing up the paint in the dining room, cleaning it and setting up furniture. It consists of all vintage furniture–a freshly painted table from my brother in law’s 100 year old farmhouse, bent wood chairs my husband grew up with that were from his grandfather’s antique shop and my grandparent’s buffet and hutch (which will serve lots of fondue and raclette in the very near future). I also added a small cafe set for the kids–so we can have a permanent “kids table” and keep the main table free for dinner parties, catching up on work projects and board games. I’m turning the built in shelving between the kitchen and dining room–where my grandmother used to display her tea cups–into a bar. The original cork floors that we found in here cleaned up great and look awesome!

My other project was the bathroom. I finished painting it and refinishing the vanity, and I also cleaned it really well (stripping the wallpaper made a huge mess). We’ll replace the toilet and flooring next. Did you know you could “butch up” pink tile? Because you can. Especially when it has great black edging tile. We’ve added lots of dark grey and flannel. The tile was in perfect shape–even the grout is perfect–and something about that black edging made me love it. I remember scrubbing that grout with a toothbrush when I was taking baths as a kid, and, well, I’d hate to waste all that hard work!

Saturday night we had dinner at Casa del Sol in Saranac Lake, and let me tell you, the chile con queso with flour chips is just as good as you remember. The new owners are doing great and worked their tails off to get us a table quickly–with 2 overtired kids and a ton of other waiting people at their busiest time. The kids were bribed with Shirley Temples and spent most of the 45 minute wait introducing themselves to fellow diners, dancing to “All the Single Ladies” on my phone and tackling one another. We ran into a bunch of old friends and the food and drinks were great–I can’t wait to go back.

Right before we headed out, my good friend from childhood stopped by with her husband and baby to check everything out. Her husband is an electrician and will be handling all the Camp’s electrical needs. I told her about all our plans for the Camp and about our planned Girl’s Weekend once it’s done. I can’t wait to have people visit–and to welcome old friend as vacationers.

The kids and my mom were complete rock stars all weekend. I took the kids to The Wild Center (loving that membership!) and for a hike, but they spent the rest of the day with my mom. They chased their cousin around the couch, raced through a tent/tunnel combo and spent a lot of time cuddling and watching Dinosaur Train. Amelie also realized she could see herself in the windows in the early morning, so she spent a lot of time dancing while her dad and I tried to wake up and drink coffee. At 5:30 am. The Camp is just too fun to sleep in!


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