Camp Wilderness Sunrise

Full Steam Ahead

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Well, we’ve been busy! We picked out and ordered the new hardwood floors for the living room, hallway and master bedroom, purchased new tile for the entryway and bathroom, I’ve been refinishing vintage furniture & accessories like a banshee and we packed up all of our “mountainy decor” and moved it to Camp Wilderness Sunrise–our Tupper Lake Vacation Rental.

We spent last weekend finishing the wallpaper removal project (Note to Selves: Never, ever paint over wallpaper…we stripped it 6 times and still had to replaster the wall before we could paint!) and painting. My mom took the kids both days this past weekend, which allowed both my husband and I to work like crazy. My arms and shoulders are incredibly sore! For the first time since we bought the house, when I look at it I think, “This is my house” instead of my grandparent’s house. It’s going to be CUTE!

I think the best testimonial came from my mom, who, bless her heart believes, “There is no color other than blue.” Well, when she walked into the green living room–a color chosen because it looks just like the trees you see out the windows–she stopped, her jaw dropped and she said, “It’s…beautiful! It’s just so…soothing! I love it! I can’t believe this is the same house.”

It’s coming along.


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